Galatium Terms of Service


Each individual person is allowed one account. Individuals who are found to have more than one account will receive a severe penalty. Multiple people may have accounts in one household, however they are not allowed to exchange anything (commodities, equipment, etc.) between their accounts. Individuals may not log into another person's account, there are no exceptions! In this vein, babysitting (where someone logs into another person's account while they are away or on vacation) is most definitely not allowed. Please do not share your account e-mail and password with anyone.


Galatium will strive to be online at all times, and with a server that does not cause your experience in the game to be slow and aggravating. There is however no guarantee. It is a goal of the game owner to maintain a server that allows fast access to Galatium as often as possible.

Public Decency

While Galatium is not a censored environment, players can be penalized for being extremely inappropriate in game chat, message boards, player profiles, player avatars, game mails, and any other public areas of the game. This is a game intended to be fun for all, and in this vein, the few who enjoy ruining this environment consistently will be dealt with swiftly. While it is important to have verbal exchanges at times when in disagreement, this can be done in an appropriate manner. Since this game is open to the public, and there are many avenues of communication within the game that anyone can experience, penalties will be issued as needed to enforce this portion of the Terms of Service. Galatium Staff have the right to remove or edit anything that is posted in the game by a player that breaks this tenet of the Terms of Service.

Game Rules

All players of Galatium agree to follow the established Game Rules. These rules are posted in easy to find locations. Players breaking the Game Rules will be warned and/or penalized. Any game rules posted within the game are not a replacement of the Galatium Terms of Service, but an amendment and addition to them. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the game rules, as warnings may be few, and ignorance is not an acceptable reason to be excused from penalties.


Anyone who attempts to gain unauthorized access to Galatium will be dealt with in the fullest extent of the law. This tenet includes any form of hacking or attempting to access any portion of the internal part of the game without permission of the game owner. The use of bots, macros, auto-refreshers or other forms of automation is also strictly forbidden.


Solicitation or proffering of any information regarding Quests or Contests initiated by Galatium Staff or Newspaper Personnel is prohibited in all forms. Failure to comply will result in a Forum and Chat Ban.

Clan Theft

Clan members who remove clan funds/gems/ore and use them without the consent of the owner of the clan is not allowed. If this occurs, the clan funds/gems/ore will be refunded to the clan at the expense of the thief and the thief will be jailed for five days. This also includes the unbranding and removal of items from the clan armory. And do note, having the rank/power to perform such actions does not inherently give you the Clan Owner's permission.

Character Deletion

Characters will be deleted in Galatium after 90 days of inactivity. Inactivity in Galatium is defined as not logging into the account.

Privacy Policy

Galatium will not ask for personal information and encourages you not to give it away. The exception to this rule is that your email address will be asked for when registering and logging in to the game. Email addresses are used purely for means of security of logging into the game and to send important notices to the players of the game. Email addresses will never be exchanged, given away, or sold to anyone. The only people that have access to the email addresses of the players of Galatium are the higher ranking game staff, who will adhere to Galatium's policy of not distributing email addresses. All email addresses will be kept confidential.

Amendments to the Terms of Service

The Terms of Service of Galatium are not set in stone, and can be changed at the discretion of the game owner. If there is a change to the Terms of Service of Galatium, there will be a game announcement placed on the screen following the login. It is the responsibility of the players to acknowledge and follow any change in the Terms of Service. Failure to do this may result in a penalty to the player's account.

Accessing and using any aspect of Galatium constitutes an agreement with the above Terms of Service.

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